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What’s behind the scenes?


Your Student Housing Account - Screenshot

Student Housing Account Screen

Intrigued about what Student in London has to offer behind the scenes in your account area?

Well worry not, here you get a glimpse of the features and facilities a FREE account on Student Housing In London has to offer. If you have London student housing and which to advertise it then student housing in is THE place to advertise – FREE.

Our first screenshot shows the main admin screen of your account. Here you can see one crucial part of your account, the MY MESSAGES area. This is where all messages from other website users to you are stored. These messages also get emailed to you own email address automatically as well as being accessible from your account panel.

From here you can also maintain all other aspects of your account, such as billing, subscriptions favorites, your contact details, passwords, etc.




Create a London Student Housing Listing


Student Housing Listing Screen

Student Housing Listing Screen

From this main account area you can also create your London student property and accommodation listings. After clicking the Create Listing Button, you can start to create your student property listings.

Our easy to complete forms allow creation of your ad layout with as little typing as possible. It should take no more than 5 minutes per property, even quicker if you have already prepared your text and pictures.








Easy to Populate Listing Forms


Student Housing Listing Screen 2

Student Housing Listing Screen 2


We have provided you with easy to populate forms when creating your listings. Giving you a natural checklist as you go along, making it simple to ensure all aspects and features of your property are covered. Anything special or out of the ordinary about your property should be included in the main description.

We always welcome ALL suggestions to improve our listing process, so if you think something is missing or could be improved, just drop us a line and we’ll see if it can be introduced to the listing screen.






Listing Edit Screen


Student Housing Listing Edit Screen 1

Student Housing Listing Edit Screen 1

Once your listings are created and published, you can edit those listings by clicking the MY LISTINGS button from your main account area. Clicking on any one of your properties will allow you to edit the listing. Your listing will be shown and your will see the ORANGE EDIT LISTING button at the top. Click this to modify your listing.




Modify Your Listing Status


Student Housing Edit Listing Screen 2

Student Housing Edit Listing Screen 2

Once you have clicked the orange “Edit Listing” button to enter the edit screen, you can update and modify all aspects of the ad, plus change the status of your listing from the STATUS drop down list.





If you are in doubt at all, why not just create an account and try our FREE 14 day listing, you have nothing to lose and your London student house, flat or room, could be well on the way to being rented out – a lot quicker than you may have at first thought possible!