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Terms – Advertising with Student Housing In London

Student Housing In, is a dedicated student housing website offering free and paid advertising by landlords direct to students in London and surrounding boroughs .

Privacy Policy

Student Housing In London will never give, sell or otherwise distribute any details given to us. However, it MUST be noted that: Student Housing In London cannot be held responsible for any publicly available details input by any user into any advertising on our website being distributed by anyone else. We may occasionally contact members of the site regarding matters pertaining to Student Housing In London only. We will not contact anyone with details of any products not directly linked to Student Housing In London

FREE Advertising on Student Housing In London:

When an ad is placed on the site using ANY method of free advertising, we reserve to right to adapt, modify, delete or correct such advertising in any way we deem necessary. We may also disallow featuring or publishing any unpaid advert in favor of our “paid advertising” customers. Any form of free advertising on our website is solely at the discretion of the publishers of our website.

Advertising Recommendations:

The following criteria are recommendations for landlords, students or agents advertising with Student Housing In London and may be a legal requirement under the housing act. Advertisers should check with the relevant bodies as to the legality of their advertisements. Student Housing In London is NOT responsible for the content of it’s subscribers advertisements.

  • The Property should ideally be fitted with a mains electric smoke alarm.
  • The Property should be issued with a gas safety certificates where applicable and electrical safety certificates.
  • Furnished to a high standard and be clean and fit for purpose, bedrooms should have a bed, desk, chair and a wardrobe in each bedroom and furniture must meet current fire safety regulations.
  • The landlord should keep the property and his contents insured against all risks.
  • Use good quality, landscape oriented digital photos of your property, taken in good light and showing as much of the property as possible.

General Terms and Conditions for using our website:

By using our website you agree to and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Payment for our paid advertising service must be made in advance/before any information is placed on the website. Once payment is made, adverts are live on site immediately, free adverts may be subject to vetting before going live. This should take no more than 24 hours but there is no guarantee how long it will actually take to check free adverts.

When placing a listing on the website, digital photographs should be taken of the property and placed in the advert, landscape orientation is best as it will fit the format of the website better.  More photos can be added at any time, ad package permitting. Please note: We reserve the right to move adverts without photos away from the front page of our website. Ensuring at least one good photograph on your listing will maintain it’s position on the relevant pages. The period of advertising will be up to 12 months. Anyone requiring information about a property will see the contact number or email address of the agent or landlord on the advert and should contact the agent or landlord direct. Student Housing In London should not be contacted in response to any adverts.

After the advertising period is over, the photographs and copy text will be removed from the website unless it is extended by the advertiser.

The landlord must give true and up to date, legally correct information regarding the services, installations, condition and contents of the property being advertised.

We reserve the right to periodically review all our prices and change them without notice. We also reserve the right to change any options available to each advertising package and our membership packages without notice. Current subscriptions where applicable will not see an increase in price unless the subscriber cancels his/her subscription, whereupon he or she will be bound by any new pricing and options structure.


Student Housing In London is NOT responsible for any discrepancies that may occur between the photographs and the actual condition of the property. And, shall not be held responsible for downtime of the website and advertising or loss of ANY user data on this website. All users who take part in this website do so at their own risk and totally agree to these terms and conditions.